Downhole Drilling Dynamics Analysis Tool.

Poor ROP, severe bit wear, down hole tool failures?

Need a tool to explore problems and inefficiencies?

Want to monitor and optimize your drilling activities?

The I-SUB (Instrumented Sub) is a memory tool that precisely records key downhole drilling parameters at a high sampling rate to help understand and evaluate the dynamic response of the drilling system.

Thanks to its short length (≤1.5'), the I-SUB can be mounted right above the bit with minimal disturbance on directional behaviour. For more comprehensive dynamic measurements, additional I-SUBs can be located further up the same Bottom Hole Assembly.


  • Evaluate and compare BHA configurations, components and use as a benchmark for future development and trials.
  • Measure and analyse key downhole drilling parameters, vibrations and power transmission.
  • Measure actual power delivered at the bit.
  • Assess real world motor or other downhole tool performance (power output, steering efficiency, vibration dampening, ...).
  • Produce valuable data for modelling (torque and drag, vibrations, buckling).
  • Help define best practices.
  • Profile bit performance and wear.


  • Records continuously at rates of: 10, 20, 50, or 100Hz.
  • Up to 360 hours of recording (at 20 Hz).
  • Total acceleration field:
    • AccX, AccY, AccZ (bit bounce, whirl, ...)
    • Rotational (RPM, slip-stick, ...)
  • Total forces and stress field:
    • WOB (axial)
    • TOB (Torsional)
    • Bending (Steering side force/Buckling)
  • Programmable triggers.
  • Basic logs, custom reporting and analysis.
  • Temperature: up to 150C (300F) continuous operations.
  • Pressure rated to 15,000 & 20,000 psi (depending on tool size).
  • Ultra compact (L<1.5' made up in BHA).