Positive Mud Pulse MWD, optional Gamma.

Need a cost effective full directional MWD system?

Want the ability to add gamma logging now or later?

Want a system that delivers automatic surveys or lets you choose what to survey and when?

Nova is an extremely compact, energy efficient, low total cost of ownership, full directional MWD tool system with the option to add gamma ray logging.

Thanks to the tool string's modular configuration and short length (14' assembled, 5'5" dismantled for transportation), the Nova tool is easy to transport, use, service, and upgrade. The tool is also downhole programmable allowing the ability to change into different static and dynamic combinations of surveys including Toolface, Inclination, Azimuth and Gamma.

Applications - with optimal battery life settings

  • Vertical Drilling - setting Inclination only with no dynamics.
  • Directional Drilling - setting Inclination, Azimuth, Toolfaces.
  • Orientation - setting Toolfaces only.
  • Horizontal re-entry and slim hole drilling - setting Inclination only and later Azimuth to return to full Directional Drilling.
  • Picking formation tops with the Gamma option - switch Tool-faces on or off to locally maximize Gamma resolution.
Nova tool with logs.


  • Compact, energy efficient positive pulser with fast updates.
  • Single tool string for all drill collar sizes, including slim hole.
  • Small single battery, run time typically 7-10 days (sensor and configuration dependant).
  • Very short tool string, only 14' including all sensors (even Gamma) and battery, all retrievable through 2" restriction.
  • Modular construction allows for easy field upgrade, servicing, repair and spare parts planning.
  • Optional Gamma Ray, vibration and memory upgrade.
  • Automatic static surveys at every connection and dynamic Tool faces.
  • Downhole programmable into 4 configurable survey modes.
  • Low total cost of ownership.
  • Simple, portable surface system running Maxwell windows based software on a laptop and zone 1 rig floor display.